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Plastic thermoforming and moulding

We create complex three-dimensional shapes by moulding plastic to suit your needs.

Plastic thermoforming service Gold Coast Queensland

Plastics Thermoforming and Moulding Near Me


Our team of plastic fabrication experts can help with any

design you have. We build one-time custom products, prototypes and multiple items, including replacement parts for boats, cars and other machinery, such as these custom-manufactured wake board racks.

Rely on EXP for all your plastic moulding needs

The Gold Coast's trusted name in custom plastic fabrication since 2003.

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Plastic experts


With 19 years of plastics experience, our team will answer all your questions and achieve a quality result every time.

Fast turnaround


Where possible, we complete cut to size projects on the spot and deliver more complex orders within a week.  

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast
Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Custom projects


Collaboration is our middle name. Our friendly team will consult with you to perfect your project and bring your ideas to life. 

All your thermoforming and moulding questions answered

Got questions about plastics thermoforming and moulding? We are pleased to answer them here or invite you to call us for more information about your specific product or application.

Keep reading to discover:

  • What is theromoforming?

  • What is the thermoforming process?

  • What plastic materials can be used in thermoforming?

  • What is the difference between thermoforming and injection moulding?

  • What are examples of thermoforming?

  • Can I get a replacement part moulded for my boat, car or other application?

Thermoformed plastic products Gold Coast Queensland

Why you should choose
us for Thermoforming
& Plastic Fabrication

Our expert plastic fabrication technician can utilise thermoplastic materials and mould it into the shape you need. We do this with a process called thermoforming which requires a special type of plastic that can withstand heating.

We can take care of the entire process of building your product

or help only the thermoforming. Our professional design team

can create a design for you or work from your professional CAD

file or drawing. We’ll also help you select the right plastic for

your project. Every plastic and material we work with has unique

properties and benefits.

The process of thermoforming allows multiple colours to be used and for texture to be added to create a truly individualised piece.

Plastics thermoforming and moulding Q&A


What is thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where sheet plastic material is heated to make it soft and pliable. This allows us to form the material into a three-dimensional shape via a mould or other mechanical means. We create the mould or tooling based on your design or an existing product or prototype.

Plastic thermoforming service Gold Coast Queensland
What is the thermoforming process?

In its simplest form, we can cut flat sheet material and then apply temperature via hand-held heating equipment to shape it into a three-dimensional shape. Once cooled, the plastic will retain its new shape and can be further cut and trimmed to size.

We also employ other thermoforming methods, such as pressure and vacuum forming. In vacuum and pressure forming, we forming a 3D shape by heating and stretching the plastic across a mold using a vacuum and/or air pressure.

What plastic materials can be used in thermoforming?

Common plastics we use in thermoforming projects include:


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate (A-PET)

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Polyethylene (PET)

Contact us to talk about which materials would be best suited to your project needs.

Plastic thermoforming service Gold Coast Queensland
What are examples of thermoforming?

If you come across a three-dimensional plastic part, chances are that it has been thermoformed. Plastic thermoforming is commonly employed in thousands of industries. Food and product containers, car and machinery components, furniture, agriculture, medical devices... The list is nearly endless. If you need sheet plastic transformed into a three-dimensional shape, chances are we can do it for you at a reasonable price.

What is the difference between thermoforming and injection moulding?

Both processes involve heating and shaping plastic materials. In thermoforming, one side of the material comes in contact with the mould or tools. It is an efficient approach for large-scale designs (eg. lettering and signage), prototypes and short production runs.


Injection moulding, on the other hand, involves pressure-injecting melted material into a two-sided, split-die mould, usually machined from stainless steel or aluminium. A lot of upfront work needs to go into the design and testing of these moulds. Once the mould is perfected, injection moulding tends to be a more economic choice for small, complex components or large production runs.

We do not offer injection moulding services at this time.

Custom made boat windows Gold Coast Queensland
Can I get a replacement part moulded for my boat, car or other application?

We commonly help customers by manufacturing replacement parts for their boats, cars and other equipment. Moulded marine windows (as pictured here) or replacement plastic boat windows are a popular component we custom-fabricate, as are car and truck parts. Contact us to find out more.

How to enquire about custom plastic components


Replacement parts

Discover if a new or replacement part can be made by sending us a photo or detailed drawing, along with your details.

Large components

Need a large part made? Bring your boat, car or other equipment to our Arundel factory to get a quote. Ample parking is available.

Explore materials

Explore the materials we work with. Read more about their properties and the sorts of applications they are suited to.

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Five-star plastic fabricator Gold Coast Queensland

Excellent service, outstanding prices, great location.


Plastic fabrication service Gold Coast

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