Material Information

Our plastic fabrication materials

There are many different types of plastics that we work with. Each has a specific purpose and composition making it better for certain applications than other materials. We’re happy to advise you on the best quality material for your plastic fabrication project or product.


Materials we work with include:


Lighting and Diffusers


To find out more about how we can assist you with lighting and diffusers please contact us at our Gold Coast workshop.

Timber Products


Along with plastic fabrication we also work with timber products such as MDF, CD Plywood, and particle board.

Adhesives and Plastic Maintenance Products


Plastic fabrication often involves using adhesives or plastic welding. We use a wide variety of adhesives to join or bond plastic. Where necessary we also use gap filling cements and accessory items for insulating, strengthening and repairing.


Display Accessories


If you’re looking for plastic accessories to display your products or accessories such as clips, handles and latches, we may be able to help.