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CNC Router Cutting

Fast and precise CNC router cutting for sheet materials, including MDF, plywood, acrylic, Perspex, ACM, foam board and more.

CNC Machine
CNC router cut HDPE plastic parts

CNC Router Cutting Gold Coast


Our fast and efficient CNC router cutting machine allows us to precisely cut and engrave MDF, plywood, HDPE, Aluminium Composite Panel, acrylic, Perspex, foam board and more. We also offer laser cutting and etching

No job is too big or small. Supply your own drawings or have our team of experts help create a design for you. Chat to us over the phone or enquire online.

Rely on EXP Plastics for all your CNC router cutting needs

The Gold Coast's experts in CNC router cutting, laser cutting, etching, plastic fabrication, moulding and more

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Plastic experts


With 19 years of plastics experience, our team will answer all your questions and achieve a quality result every time.

Fast turnaround


Where possible, we complete cut-to-size projects on the spot and deliver more complex orders within a week.  

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast
Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Custom projects


From prototype to production runs. We work with you to perfect your product and bring your ideas to life. 

Applications for CNC router cutting


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router cutting is a specialised cutting technique that uses digital files to instruct a computer-controlled machine. It can be used to very accurately cut sheet materials, such as wood, aluminium, foam and plastics. As well as being very exact, CNC router cutting is an efficient way to produce identical shapes and designs.

Once we have your design and upload it to our computer, we can produce a one-off item, replicate multiples of the same part, or manufacture different parts from a single sheet of material. This process reduces material waste and errors, and ensures high quality.

Types of projects suitable for CNC router cutting

Our machine software is pre-programmed to produce a huge range of components, including letters, numbers, logos and clip-art. We can also quickly and easily program it to manufacture custom designs, such as:

  • Signage and logos

  • Screens and appliques

  • Shop fitting items

  • Architectural components

  • Car and boat part replacements

  • Parts where precise drilling or slotting is required

We can manufacture from your custom design, from a physical sample, or help you come up with a design that achieves the outcome you’re looking for, on-time and on budget.

CNC router cutting service Gold Coast Queensland
How much does CNC router cutting cost?

One of the advantages of CNC cutting is that it can be significantly cheaper than other cutting methods, including laser cutting. Once the machine is running, it requires little supervision. This means that large projects (such as production runs) can be manufactured more cost effectively.

What materials can be cut with a CNC router?

Most hard, sheet materials can be cut and/or engraved with a CNC router cutter. Among the most popular materials are:

  • Acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglass and polycarbonate

  • Foamed Poly Vinyl Chloride (FPVC)

  • Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and plywood

We keep a large range of materials in stock and can usually order specialty materials for delivery to our Arundel factory within 48 hours (subject to availability).  

File types for CNC router cutting


Do you have your own design? For custom fabrication or complex jobs, please submit your drawings or artwork via email: 

Preferred file formats are:

.eps, .dxf or .pdf

Don't yet have a design? No problem! We can help to create a digital design for you from a sketch or physical product.

Our Gold Coast plastic fabrication experts take pride in ensuring that you achieve exactly what you want at a price to suit your budget.

CNC router cutting service Gold Coast Queensland

Five-star reputation

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Very professional. Great guys to work with and a great price, cheaper than  the others.


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