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Product prototyping

High quality plastic prototypes for all your product ideas and designs.

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Prototype maker Gold Coast

Prototype maker Gold Coast


Our skilled plastic fabrication technicians can work from a

design you bring to us or help you create a design that achieves

what you want your product to do. Our expertise and equipment allow us to create almost any shape, pattern, size or object out of various types of plastic. 

Rely on EXP Plastics for all your prototyping needs

The Gold Coast's experts in plastic prototype fabrication

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Plastic experts


With 19 years of plastics experience, our team will answer all your questions and achieve a quality result every time.

Fast turnaround


Where possible, we complete cut-to-size projects on the spot and deliver more complex orders within a week.  

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast
Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Custom projects


From prototype to production runs. We work with you to perfect your product and bring your ideas to life. 

The benefits of plastic prototyping


What is a prototype?


A prototype is an early version of a product built to test a concept or process. Prototyping is a

cost-effective way to make sure that a product is marketable and/or functional. We can help you quickly and cheaply iron out any problems, identify design improvements and/or get feedback on your product before you commit to large-scale manufacturing.

Clients who come to us for prototyping services

Our prototyping clients comes from a wide range of industries and professions, including engineers, architects, product designers and entrepreneurs looking to test their product ideas. Anybody can use our prototyping service - all you need are design files, drawings or a sample product we can inspect.

Prototype process

Some clients bring their own design drawings and manufacturing files. Others may only have a sketch or a sample product. Our fabrication experts can help you to refine your product ideas and create design files for you, if needed. 


Our expertise and equipment allow us to create almost any shape, pattern, size or object out of various types of plastic. We can work with one piece of plastic or as many pieces as needed to create the prototype you desire.


We can do a simple model prototyping, working model prototyping, visual model prototyping, prototyping for user research, or create a scale model of your design.

Plastic prototypes


Will your final product be made out of a non-plastic material? In some cases, it is necessary or preferably to make your prototype out of the same material. However, plastic prototypes can be an excellent way to quickly and affordably test a product idea. Plastic is strong, versatile, and often cheaper than the final material. We can very often create a plastic version that allows you to test your ideas faster and on a smaller budget. If the final product will be made out of plastic, we may also be able to do production manufacturing for you.

How much does prototyping cost?

The cost of making a prototype will depend on a number of factors, including the fabrication methods and materials involved and our time, including any design input and how many iterations are needed. Please contact us to talk about your prototyping needs and we would be pleased to create a quote for you.

Do prototypes usually work the first time?

Very often, yes! Many clients are delighted with their first prototype, while others are purposely testing multiple concepts or processes. Either way, making a prototype enables you to create a demonstration product before outlaying loads of money on production runs.

Five-star reputation

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I've shopped around with other plastic providers and have experienced pathetic customer service. It's truly refreshing to find EXP Plastics, who went above and beyond. Highly recommend.


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