Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC is the most commonly for of vinyl that can range from soft film to rigid structural form. PVC is typically a cheap and flexible plastic fabrication material versatile enough to be used for thermoforming.

PVC does not burn easily so it is often used as a coating for upholstery fabrics in flooring and areas with strict safety regulations. Applications for PVC include such uses as water tanks, chemical tanks, signs and can be used for plastic welding.


  • Foam PVC is lightweight, non-toxic, versatile and a good surface for printing on.

  • Rigid Film PVC is commonly used for food packaging as it is approved for food contact and it is chemically non-reactive.

  • Deluxe Vinyl PVC (Twin Wall Foam PVC) is good water resistant and suitable for outdoor uses such as displays and signage. This material is easily processed and a good sound insulator.

  • Industrial Grade PVC is chemical resistant and non-corrosive making it an ideal material for fume cupboards, acid tanks, and drip trays.

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