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Polycarbonate (PC)


They don't call it bullet-proof for nothing. Polycarbonate is formulated to take a beating without breaking, cracking or crazing.

What is polycarbonate?


Polycarbonates are virtually unbreakable plastics that are available in transparent and opaque sheets. Multiple variations exist, depending on your needs.


Some polycarbonates, for example, are designed to be fire retardant, while those used in food industries are designed to be BPA-free, while those used in roofing are infused with UV stabilisers to prevent yellowing, and so on.

Finished polycarbonate is typically sold in solid sheets, twin wall sheets, rods or tubes, in clear, opal, off-white and many vibrant colours. We stock sheet thicknesses of .5mm, 9.5mm, and 12mm, as well as rigid tubes. 

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Performance characteristics of polycarbonate


There are a great many uses for polycarbonate sheets, from cladding and skylights, to roofing and interior design. Like cast acrylic, polycarbonate is an incredibly popular, yet even stronger, glass substitute because it is:

  • 250 x stronger than glass

  • Light transmission properties that are comparable to glass

  • Easy to cut with standard tools

  • Provide some degree of thermal insulation

  • Many colour variations, including tinted finishes and UV protection

  • Excellent weatherability in harsh conditions

Common applications for polycarbonate

  • Glass substitute for windows, doors, screens etc.

  • Roofing and walling

  • Architectural glazing and skylights

  • Marine windows

  • LED diffusing lighting panels

  • Transportation applications

  • Safety glasses

  • Auto parts

Custom made polycarbonate windows Gold Coast
Polycarbonate boat windows Gold Coast

Replacement boat and marine windows


Are your boat windows scratched, cracked or crazed? We specialise in the manufacture of replacement acrylic or polycarbonate boat windows, screens and other marine components.

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