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Laser Cutting & Etching

Your Gold Coast expert for laser cutting and laser etching, plus a wide range of laser-friendly materials for you to choose from.

Laser cutting Gold Coast Queensland

Laser Cutting Gold Coast


As the Gold Coast's plastic fabrication experts, it's our pleasure to offer high quality laser cutting and etching services to our customers. We also offer a fast and efficient CNC router cutting service.

Supply your own drawings or have our team  help create a design for you. Chat to us over the phone or enquire online.

Rely on EXP Plastics for all your laser cutting needs

The Gold Coast's experts in laser cutting, laser etching, plastic fabrication, CNC router cutting, moulding and more

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Plastic experts


With 19 years of plastics experience, our team will answer all your questions and achieve a quality result every time.

Fast turnaround


Where possible, we complete cut-to-size projects on the spot and deliver more complex orders within a week.  

Plastic fabrication Gold Coast
Plastic fabrication Gold Coast

Custom projects


From prototype to production runs. We work with you to perfect your product and bring your ideas to life. 

Applications for laser cutting


What exactly is a laser? And how does it cut materials? These are excellent questions! Very few people know that the word "laser" is in fact an acronym. It stands for 'Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.' In layperson terms, a laser is a very thin, intensified beam of light. In manufacturing contexts, it can be used to cut and etch a variety of materials into different shapes and designs.

Some lasers are strong enough to even cut metal and ceramics.  At our Arundel factory, we use laser cutting on a wide variety of sheet materials, including woods and many plastics. The benefit of laser cutting over traditional blade cutting is that it can achieve a very smooth, precise edge and detailed engraving.

Our laser cutting machine is run by Computer Numerical Control (CNC). A CNC laser cutting machine uses digital files and software that tells the laser what to do. The machine can quickly and consistently produce complex designs and shapes to a high degree of quality and uniformity.

Types of projects suitable for laser cutting and etching 

When it comes to laser cutting and etching projects, the limit is largely your imagination. We have a huge range of pre-made designs for you to choose from - eg. letters, numbers and clip art - or bring your own designs for us to make for you.


Here are just a few ideas from some of the laser cutting projects we've made for clients over the years:

  • Jewellery and earrings

  • Acrylic cake toppers

  • Birch clock faces

  • Laser cut garden screens

  • Laser cut wall ornaments

  • House names and numbers

  • Branded coasters

  • Product components

  • Cases and display stands

  • Lights and signage

  • Loads more!

We can manufacture from your custom design, a physical sample or help you come up with a design that achieves the outcome you’re looking for.

Laser cutting service Gold Coast Queensland
How much does laser cutting cost?

The cost of laser cutting is calculated on the time it takes to set up, cut and/or etch your design. The more complex or larger your design, the more time it will take to make. Straight cutting is generally quicker and cheaper than surface engraving. The material for your project will also affect the price. Please talk with us and we'd be pleased to provide a quote.

What materials can be cut with a laser?

Not all materials are safe to cut with a laser. Materials that are likely to catch fire or off-gas dangerous chemicals are not suitable for laser cutting. This includes vinyl, ABS plastic, HDPE plastic, polystyrene foam and fibreglass.

Safe materials for laser cutting include:

  • Acrylic and Perspex

  • Thin polycarbonate sheets

  • Many natural woods (not too oily)

  • Manufactured woods (results can depend on thickness and glues used in the wood)

  • Cork

  • Mylar

We keep a large range of materials in stock and can usually order specialty materials within 48 hours (subject to availability).  

File types for laser cutting


Do you have your own design? For custom fabrication or complex jobs, please submit your drawings or artwork via email: 

Preferred file formats are:

.eps, .dxf or .pdf

Don't yet have a design? No problem! We can help to create a digital design for you from a sketch or physical product.

Our Gold Coast plastic fabrication experts take pride in ensuring that you achieve exactly what you want at a price to suit your budget.

Laser cut acrylic Gold Coast

Five-star reputation

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Amir and his team are the best of the best. Would not go anywhere else!


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