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Why Would You Need Plastic Fabrication Services on The Gold Coast?

The majority of commercial and retail businesses make use of plastics in some form. From the wrapping on food to toys, jewellery and many other articles of everyday life, plastic is almost a necessity, and this includes companies making use of plastics on the Gold Coast.

If you are one of these businesses, then you may want to find out more about the issue of plastic fabrication, and how EXP Plastics can make a difference to you.

What does fabrication do?

When plastics are machined, they often in an unusable form for your purposes. This would mean that you need to get help from fabricators, those who turn plastics into something useful.

It may include milling, machining and manipulating the plastic sheet. It may even be bonded with other plastics or materials to create the perfect item for your needs. 

What plastics are fabricated?

If is possible to fabricate products from a variety of different plastics, ranging from #acrylic, also known as #Perspex, #polycarbonate, #PCV, #thermoplastics and #polypropylene

The plastics have to be relatively durable and able to withstand a lot of different pressures and heats. They also need to be able to be manipulated to the right positions for your plastic requirements. 

How we fabricate plastics

Like the majority of products made today, plastic fabrication will involve the use of drawings, designs and plans, most usually made through computer graphics.

We can also adapt your designs using existing samples to make sure that we get close replicas for everything.

At EXP Plastics, we aim to make products which are as close to your chosen designs as possible. 

Some products we produce

We primarily work with retail and commercial businesses looking for more style in their store. This means that we make #display carousels, #shop #fittings and other, similar designs that are intended to display your wares.

We are also able to make high-quality #signs for your shop, including numbers, logos and other display devices. These are all weather-resistant, can be combined with lighting and make perfect display systems for your shop. 

Get fabrication help with us

When you are looking for someone to help you create products out of plastics on the Gold Coast, you need to speak to EXP Plastics. Our experienced teams can assist you, so contact us today using our online contact form, or by calling 07 5502 0034 now. 


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