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What Colours Say to Your Customers

Not everyone realises this but there is a lot of psychology involved with sales and a big factor in the sales process can be the colours you choose and their effect on your prospective customers.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve you might want to adjust the colour you use for your #displays or #signage.

So, what do colours say to your clients?


Yellow is a cheerful colour and can add warmth to your customer. Can you think of a large brand that is yellow? You only need to look for the golden arches at every turn.


Have you ever wondered why all the sales signs you see are red? The human body is trained to see red as a sign of danger, so when you see a red sign your body instantly reacts and takes action. In this case though, the only thing you are in danger of is going over your credit limit.


Blue is said to evoke feelings of trust. It’s not a coincidence that a lot of financial institution brand in the colour blue to build trust and security for their clients.


Green can give you a feeling of health and nature, so a lot of health spas and health care providers like to incorporate green into their company colours.


Purple is a soothing colour and can portray feelings of mystic and spirituality. Purple is widely used for healing products and services.


Again, another cheerful colour that is associated with the sun. It portrays balance and energy, and can evoke excitement, perfect for that point of sale display.

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