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Stand Out Shop Fittings

Eye catching, dynamic and practical designs for your stands and displays

We have various materials that are suitable for shopfittings, whether you choose acrylic in clear, white, black, opal or colour, it's sure to make a statement.

We can cut to size, fabricate and custom make stands and signage in a variety of colours and thicknesses.


Cast acrylic sheet is manufactured using a process that sees MMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) liquid poured into a mould, which is then submerged in warm water to trigger the polymerisation process and set the plastic. Cast acrylic sheet can be ordered in different thicknesses, colours and tints, depending on the unique needs of the client.

What we can achieve:

  • Stylish and unique designs

  • Durable materials used for longevity

  • Cut to size panels for #perspex signage

  • Lots of colour options available. Mix and match or co ordinate with your branding colours

At EXP Plastics, our #plastic #fabrication specialists work with you to bring your idea to reality. With over 25+ years experience we pride ourselves on our #creative vision and professionalism.

We can work with you to fabricate a limitless amount of home and business items. Any job big or small, we will give it our best shot.

If you are a #SmallBusiness on the #GoldCoast, call #EXPPlastics today for a FREE quote!


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