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Why is Prototyping so Important?

When you have your next million-dollar idea, why not get the ball-rolling and get a #prototype made up?

Testing the market and finding out if your idea has merit will ensure that you are not wasting your time and money.

At #EXPPlastics we can give you something tangible to take to the market-place. Our #prototypes are a cost-effective way to ensure that your product is functional, marketable and relevant.

#Plastic prototypes are generally inexpensive and have a very short turnaround time, but will give you a great platform for testing you new product.

Are you looking for an investor? An idea is great, but without a #prototype it can be hard to get any real excitement, understanding or in some cases in a real interest in your product. Giving a prototype to a potential investor means they can get a real sense of what they would be investing in and gives them that added peace of mind.

We can provide scale models of any object, by developing a prototype it gives you the chance to #test the #product and make any amendments to the #design before you invest in a full development team.

Bring your idea to life and make an impact. Having an idea is great, but it can be hard to share your vision without something physical. Even the most rudimentary prototype can spark debate and give you inspiration.

Plastic is a strong, versatile and cheap material, perfect for prototyping. Don’t sit on your idea, come and see EXP Plastics and get the ball rolling. We can customise and tailor your design, to give you the best working prototype possible.


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