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Boost Your Business Visibility With LARGE Signage

BIG THINGS are happening at EXP Plastics!

See how we fabricated these large scale letters for our customers at Storage King. Our team love a challenge, any job big or small we can work with you to bring your vision to life.

In this video we demonstrate many of the fabrication techniques that we do at EXP Plastics. CNC template cutting, #thermoforming, #moulding, manual saw cutting and letter assembly.

Large scale signage is sure to make your business stand out and capture your audience as they drive by. Add your own lighting to take your signage up to the next level and be more visible at night.

At EXP Plastics, our #plastic #fabrication specialists work with you to bring your idea to reality. With over 25+ years experience we pride ourselves on our #creative vision and professionalism.

Create something #unique with our input and ideas or bring us some photos or drawings of what you have in mind.

We can work with you to fabricate a limitless amount of home and business items. Any job big or small, we will give it our best shot.

If you are a #SmallBusiness on the #GoldCoast, call #EXPPlastics today for a FREE quote!


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