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The Power of Signage

Whether you are an established business, new business or you’re moved premises, being visible for your clients is important no matter what stage you are at.

Why do you need good signage?


The more people that see your signage the more trust it builds. Visibility is about more than just being noticed, it is about being front of mind with a customer. Many customers may drive past your sign day after day, but until the need arises they might not think twice about your product or service until it provides them with a solution.

Perception is very important, and should you see a sign day in, day out it shows that the company is stable and can add that extra feeling of trust.

Stand – out

With Google Maps, it’s very rare we can’t find our way around these days, but there really is nothing worse than a badly #signposted building. When a potential client is looking for a product or service they want it made easy, and signage can do just that. Why make your clients work for it when you can have professional, easy to see, branded signage in front of your building.

Our #tailormade #plasticfabricated 3signage also differentiates you from the competition. A good quality sign is essentially a 24/7 advertisement for your business.

Unlike other forms of marketing, once your signage is made, unless you’re updating it at some point it is a one-off cost. A sign is like a beacon saying, ‘look here I am!’

At EXP Plastics we work with a range of high-quality materials. Acrylic is one of our most sought-after materials due to its durability and versatility in terms of being able to incorporate any design process that is required such as #thermoforming and cutting, and it easily accommodates lighting for that extra impact.

When you want to be seen on the #GoldCoast, call the custom sign experts at #EXPPlastics.


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