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Why is Branding so important?

Defining your company identity and branding is one of the most important things a business can do. Large businesses do this and do it well.

Just look at the two leading soft drinks Pepsi and Coca-Cola, you never need to examine the products for long they are instantly recognisable from one another.

Small businesses are starting to see the importance of standing out from their competitors. When people see your brand, it should represent your company and instantly evoke trust in your product. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more trust that can be built, and the better your reputation.

#Branding supports and strengthens #advertising, and in a world where we are constantly being marketed to, it’s important to be noticed.

How can EXP Plastics help with your branding?

We are not a one-size fits all, we can custom make and tailor all products to suit you. Why settle for a generic display carousel in your retail outlet when we can perfectly brand it to fit in with your company colours and/or designs. The more consistent you are with your branding the easier it is to be recognised.

Shop fittings

Floor space in a retail outlet is prime real estate, whilst you need to utilise the space to its full ability it is important to display stock properly and maintain your company identity. EXP Plastics can provide customised #shopfittings that are perfectly tailored to your needs.


Being found and identified is important, and the easiest and most effective way to do this is with #signage. EXP Plastics custom –made #plastic #fabricated #signs are hard-wearing weather proof and can be easily back-lit with lighting. We can tailor make shop signage, #billboards and even shop numbers so you can be easily found.

#EXPPlastics offer a complete #plastic #fabrication and moulding service for a wide range of applications. We can tailor and customise our plastic fabrication so that your brand looks professional and is easily identified by your customers.


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