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Custom Fabrications For Any Job Big Or Small

We offer a #customdesign and manufacture service for virtually all things plastic. Plastic #fabrication involves the use of modern equipment to fabricate and mould plastic into a specific shape.

The beauty of plastic is that it is a strong, versatile material to work with which makes it limited only by your imagination.

From display stands and shop fittings to equipment and tools used for engineering, product research and development, one-off #prototypes as well as other useful home and office items.

You can bring your own design to us, bring a product sample or simply work with us to design the perfect application for your needs.

Shop Fittings

With floor space paramount in a retail outlet, it’s important to make the best use of space while still displaying as much of your product range as possible.

We can #manufacture a range of items to display brochures or business cards, enclosed or open product stands to #showcase and protect your stock.

Displaying your stock at eye level and in the right place is a great way to maximise retail floor space and show off items you have for sale.


Whether it’s a shop number, street number or your #business name and logo, we can custom make you the perfect sign for your shop or premises.

Our plastic fabrication signs are hard wearing, weather proof and can be accessorised with lighting for a stunning sign that your clients can’t miss.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve you might want to adjust the colour you use for your #displays or #signage.

At EXP Plastics on the #GoldCoast we offer #plasticfabrication, #etching and #engraving for a wide range of applications.

Why not call us today to bring your idea into reality?


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