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Co-vid Safety with Sneeze Guards

Custom Sneeze Guards for your retail environment

Sneeze guards & plastic barriers offer valuable protection for your customers and workers during this time of #Coronavirus. They ensure food safety in hospitality and slow the spread of germs.

We offer custom-made plastic #sneezeguards that are high quality, durable and built to last. Below are some examples but we can fabricate to suit the needs of your workplace.

We have Flat Pack designs to offer you efficiency in freight costs and all of our designs are competitively priced.

Simply send us dimensions and photos of your reception desk or office and we can fabricate a guard to suit.

Stability options are customisable to work with your available space and environment.

At EXP Plastics, our #plastic #fabrication specialists work with you to bring your idea to reality. With over 25+ years experience we pride ourselves on our #creative vision and professionalism.

We can work with you to fabricate a limitless amount of home and business items. Any job big or small, we will give it our best shot.

If you are a #SmallBusiness on the #GoldCoast, call #EXPPlastics today for a FREE quote!


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