About our CNC engraving and plastic fabrication

We use a CNC engraver to engrave words, letters, symbols or drawings onto plastic.

Plastic items such as badges, tags, labels and plates used for labelling and identifying items such as switchboards, machinery, instrument panels or doors, can all be engraved to your specific design. We have the equipment and expertise in plastic fabrication to create almost any item you can imagine and decorate or label it using CNC engraving.

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We can perform CNC engraving on a range of plastic materials including Polypropylene, PVC and Acrylic.

CNC engraving with a personal touch

  • CNC Engraving for packaging

Add a decorative touch to your product or give it your own look with your name, logo or a barcode. Our CNC engraving can be customised for your product.

  • Gift ideas using CNC engraving

Transform an ‘ordinary’ gift into something unique with a personalised message or image. We can engrave virtually any plastic item you have, big or small. Guitar picks, jewellery and custom signs for a home bar, BBQ area, shed or man cave are just some ideas for gifts that go the extra mile in imagination!

  • Identification labels with CNC engraving

If you require labelling that won’t fade or come off, talk to us about CNC engraving. We can put your message on anything from your pet’s name tag to machinery panels and parts.

  • Trophies and awards using CNC engraving

Plaques, awards and trophies can be made into attractive and special mementos with CNC engraving. We can engrave shapes, designs and characters onto plastic. We can even custom cut and mould plastic into virtually any shape or representation of an object.

  • Wall mounted art or signage using CNC engraving

Add some flair to your office or home with a custom design engraved onto a plastic backdrop. The beauty of plastic is the versatility to create a 3D piece and to add LED for great effect.

Our expert craftsman on the Gold Coast will help you with any type of plastic fabrication and CNC engraving for one-off jobs or for large quantities.

If it’s plastic, we can help!

We offer a complete plastic fabrication and moulding service for a wide range of applications. Call us on 07 5502 0034 to discuss your project.

We offer a complete plastic fabrication and moulding service for a wide range of applications. Call us on Tap to call to discuss your project.

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