CNC Router Cutting

Why you should choose us for CNC router cutting

As a boutique workshop on the Gold Coast, our expert

plastic fabrication, cutting and engraving service operates

to the highest standard of workmanship, materials and

service. We’ll do whatever we can to ensure that we can

help you achieve exactly what you want to achieve at a

price you’ll be happy about.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router cutting is a

specialised computer controlled cutting technique that

can be applied to all sorts of hard materials such as wood,

aluminium, foam and, of course, plastic which is what we

specialise in. It is a precise, efficient way to produce


shapes and designs.

Once we have your design and upload it to our computer,

we can produce a one-off item or replicate the design for

as many applications as you need. This process eliminates

material waste and errors as well as ensuring that each

application will be identical.

We can work with your custom design, from a sample or

with you to design something that achieves the product

outcome you’re looking for on time and on budget.

Different types of plastics have different properties making some more suitable for some purposes than other types of plastic. When you work with us we’ll make sure that we use the highest quality material that best serves your project.

Our CNC router sits on a large table allowing us to work on plastic of almost any size. The machine cuts a pre-programmed design or shape accurately to produce any cut or shape you could want.

We can produce plastic for lettering, trophies, custom signs, custom parts and accessories or industry specific equipment. CNC router cutting is generally less expensive than laser cutting.

CNC Alphafit
HDPE Plastic Parts
HDPE Plastic Parts

CNC Ply Wood Cut
CNC Ply Wood Cut

White HDPE.
White HDPE.

HDPE Plastic Parts
HDPE Plastic Parts


About our CNC router cutting and plastic fabrication


At EXP Plastics, we provide a range of plastic fabrication, engraving and cutting solutions for a wide range of industries and uses.

The versatility of different types of plastics and what they can be transformed into is limited only to the imagination. We can accommodate any colour, shape or size product you need to get made.