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A prototype is an essential part of the process that leads to creating a final model or design. A prototype is a cost-effective way to make sure that a product is marketable and/or functional before manufacturing a final product ready for market. Prototypes are produced in many industries including software and hardware.

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Our skilled plastic fabrication technician will work from a design you bring in or help you create a design that achieves what you want the product to do. Our expertise and equipment allow us to create almost any shape, pattern, size or object out of various types of plastic. We can work with one piece of plastic or as many pieces as needed to create the prototype you need to make.

We can do a simple model prototyping, working model prototyping, visual model prototyping or prototyping for user research. We can also make a scale model of any object.

If you’re thinking of building a product for a new market, having a prototype will enable you to have a demonstration product before outlaying the expense of a full development team.

A new product may be something you create for your own needs or it may be an item you intend to mass produce. Prototyping will save you time and money in either case.

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EXP Plastics are specialists in all areas of plastic fabrication and can help you bring to life any design you can imagine. Even if you don’t have a professionally drafted design, we can assist you to create the design you’re after.

Because plastic is strong, versatile, and often cheaper than the final material, it is usually a good choice for prototyping. We can create an object that is practically identical but not visually identical so that you can test it sooner with a smaller budget. Once the design is proven to be successful it can be made up using the preferred materials.

For plastic products, we offer plastic fabrication to make multiple prototypes as well as the finalised design product.

We offer a complete plastic fabrication and moulding service for a wide range of applications. Call us on 07 5502 0034 to discuss your project.

We offer a complete plastic fabrication and moulding service for a wide range of applications. Call us on Tap to call to discuss your project.

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